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MY LIFE ESSENCE - Life Coaching Sue Kruse

Even parents don’t know what is going on in the heads of their kids. They also just see what they are reflecting on the surface and feel very often powerless as they can feel that something is not in place. Parents have a very clear intuition.

In a Session I will give you and your child the possibility to unravel the truth in a very playful way. We will talk about fairies and dragons and I will connect to the subconscious mind of your child and collect the most important limiting beliefs that the child took on from you or created itself and take it out on a DNA Level. This way you will receive the healing as well. I will only talk with you about the Limiting Beliefs that have been released. The Truth will be integrated with the child in a meditative imagination game.

As children don’t like to site in front of the computer for such a long time, we will keep it short and still work on the child, while it can go and play.

Important is, that the child knows, that something is happening in a positive way with him or her.

The way the Session unfolds also depends on the age of the child. What a great way to heal family Ego programs that has been past on for generations!