Susanne Kruse
Founder of My Life Essence
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Current WorkLife Coaching & DNA Healer
Past WorkAssistant to the CEO of several international companies
Specialist InDNA Healing, Reiki, Tarot, Business Coaching
Experience18 Years of Energy Healing Work


My spiritual path started when I was 16 years old. My mum introduced me to Reiki and in my first Session I was introduced to one of my guardian angels. From that moment on I never lost the interest for this magical world, although I still tried to fit into the world of boxes that society had created. I really tried hard to squeeze myself in.

After a year of depression and a nervous breakdown, I left my old life behind me and fled to Berlin. This box didn’t fit for long either. In 2012 I started travelling the world wondering wether that was it, what was the meaning of my life, and what was the truth behind all my masks? I was searching for answers that no one was able to answer for me.

I visited several countries and came across a lot of healing methods, met a great number of spiritual teachers and got to know their teachings, all of which contained some truth, that I was eager to take in. However, not all of this was MY truth. Yoga, Astrology, Tantra, a Retreat held by Eckhard Tolle, Zen-Meditation, Universal Intelligence, Hinduism, Buddhism, Kinesiology, Tarot and Avatar Work, all of this was necessary to bring me to my own truth and my own way of understanding of how the Universe works.

The answers to my questions had always been deep inside of me and I was the only one, who could answer them! My path led me to the east coast of Australia where I attended a profound Life Coach and Mentor Training that changed my life and made me believe in myself. Now I am able to connect to my Higher Self, my Soul, my spirit and ask directly what I want to know and what is in my Highest Good. No decision in my life is made without using this methode that I would like to introduce you to.

By using this method I have became the person I always wanted to be: Happy, Healthy, Loved, Successful and Free.

Do you want this for you life, too?