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You would like to know the deeper meaning of your life? Why all this hassle? We will ask your Higher Self exactly questions like these and not only get the answers but also figure out how to achieve your inner calling! Even better – we figure out in detail how to start your soulful path step by step! How exciting!

This was the most important part of my journey. My mind needed to know, where I was heading! I needed a clear goal!

In a state of pure Consciousness, Self-Belief and Self-Love which I will create for you, it is easy for your Ego to have a rest and go on vacation. In this beautiful space of peace we will discover your life purpose and create a road map helping us determine what needs to be done first. This road map includes not only “to do’s” but also is an achievement of inner growing. We will fast track this inner growing by removing limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living your Life Purpose. I will remove these limiting beliefs and attachments in your past and DNA for a deep Transformation. With this method you will notice a change in your Vibration very quickly. You will notice how you are beginning to resonate differently with your surroundings and feel the way you always wanted to feel.

Some Limiting Beliefs and Attachments are very complex as they have been created and manifested in your body and mind over centuries. To release old Patterns on their deepest levels, we will peel off the layers, and step by step unravel the truth and integrate it on all levels. This will enable you to open the doors to the highest Frequencies of Love, Health, Wealth – whatever you wish for.

Your Higher Self will tell me exactly how deep we can go in each Session to achieve the very best results for you.

Please be aware that the healing process sometimes takes several hours, days – even weeks, before the healing is completely integrated. Your Body and Mind can only take so much and we shall not forget that we still live in Duality. So give yourself the time to become healthy! I will give you an exact time frame for healing after each Session and also advise if more Sessions would be beneficial for you.